Wish List

Are you considering making a donation, but would like to know exactly what it would go towards?
You can now make a full or partial donation towards anything listed below to help our charity.
Donations can be made using the security of PayPal.

Motorcycle:Road Tax
Fuel: £50
Bike Tax: £85
Motorcycle Service: £150-£250
Box Carrier £250
Set of Tyres £250
Decals for Bike £450
Euroshed £2000
New Blood Bike £12,000
Triplicate Log Book

Blood/Milk Box Cover:£5
Cargo Net: £10
Ratchet Straps: £15
Big Button Mobile Phone: £30
Milk Box: £45
Triplicate Log Books x25: £45
Training Day Expenses: £100

Promotional:SSBB Flyer
Collection tins/ bucket: £5
Hi-Viz liveried Jacket: £20
Banner: £45
Promotion Materials: £65
Fliers x5000: £70
Posters A3 x25: £150
Flag: £220
Video Promotion: £400

Stationary: £10
Tracker Subscription: £40


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