NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)


Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2SG
Lat & Long: 52.451525, -1.937697

0121 253 4000

Hospital Site Map


Access Via A38 from the south only, location is around ‘the back’ where the vehicles are.

At NHSBT (Blood and Transplant), the way is well signposted once the signs for the QE hospital at Edgbaston have been picked up just past the entrance to Birmingham University (take the right fork at the lights). At the first island, turn right and then follow signs for Blood and Transplant. Once you have crested the hill and started to go downhill, the building is on the right. Turn just before it to go around the back, CAUTION – slow right down when you turn in, as the speed humps are vicious. Park right outside the Collection and Deliveries double doors, which is usually clear of vans. If the doors don’t open for you, ring the bell on the right of them, but don’t keep ringing it if no-one comes immediately, give it five minutes before you ring again, as they might be busy.


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