Blood Bike Princess Carrie: Triumph Trophy 1200

In 2014, SSBB were awarded a lottery grant of £10,000.

It was decided that this money would be used to purchase a new blood bike, which would be needed for our service at University Hospital North Staffordshire (Stoke on Trent) which was due to begin service in October of that year.

After some consideration of which bike to go for, it was decided to purchase brand new Triumph Trophy, which Triumph were offering to Blood Bike groups for £10,000 instead of the then retail price of £16,000

During the process of purchasing and getting the Trophy ready for service, one lady in particular went the extra mile in helping us get our newest bike on the road.

Carrie Gallimore at Staffordshire Triumph was pivotal in making the whole process happen, liaising between ourselves and Triumph, organising test rides for several of our riders, and ensuring the whole process went through smoothly.

Carrie also comes from a Blood Biking background, her dad is a rider with the Lincolnshire Blood Bikes (LEBBS) and mum is a controller. Therefore in recognition of this hard work and support of the blood bikes, it was decided that the new bike would be named “Princess Carrie”

Princess Carrie was launched at Staffordshire Triumph on 16th October 2014 with charity patron Michael Rutter in attendance as our VIP guest. Speaking recently, Carrie told us “It was a lot of fun helping organise the bike and the test rides.  I’m proud to have been able to help out”

“Recently, the story almost came full circle, on 21 st June my son Jonah was born by C section, everything went well with delivery but there were complications afterwards that lead to me needing a blood transfusion (I’m told that I lost 2.7litres) luckily I have a common blood group and they had plenty on site but it could’ve been very different.  Thinking about it afterwards it’s a nice feeling knowing that, although you weren’t needed, you were there ready and waiting just in case”. “So a massive thank you to you all and to everyone that has ever given blood”

During the last 18 months Princess Carrie has covered over 30k miles, being one of the backbone bikes of our service. Saving lives on a daily basis.