Blood Bike Matilda Jane: BMW RT1200

In March 2014 during a shopping trip to Rugeley in Staffordshire, Emily Slough stopped to feed her eight-month – old daughter. Unbeknownst to Emily, as she sat on a step feeding her baby, she was photographed and cruelly targeted by internet trolls who posted it online – with the word “tramp” printed next to the image.

Emily was incensed, but instead of letting it affect her negatively she turned it into a positive and organised a mass breast feeding event in Rugeley, which was also mirrored by similar shows of support in Newcastle, Milton Keynes, Swansea, Stirling and York.

The event in Rugeley had overwhelming support, attracting thousands of supporters and was also attended by several SSBB members. SSBB and many other Blood Bike groups across the country transport not only blood products but also donated breast milk for use in neonatal units in hospitals throughout the UK.

The Blood Bikes with a Milk Box on board generated a massive interest in donating breast milk from the mum’s present and highlighted the real need for donor breast milk to the media who were in attendance.

One of the Blood Bikes in attendance on the day was a BMW RT1200, recently purchased by SSBB Member Ben W and was as yet unnamed. In recognition and support of Emily’s inspirational campaign against prejudice towards breast feeding, Ben decided to name his new bike after Emily’s daughter “Matilda Jane”.

In 2015 SSBB purchased “M J” from Ben, and she is now quite aptly our primary Blood Bike serving the Northwest Human Milk Bank, making regular deliveries of frozen breast milk, both locally and nationally.


MJ Bike