Taylor Brothers Fundraising Day

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The village of Haughton, Staffordshire is where you will find Taylor Brothers Motorcycles, run by Julian and Jackie Taylor.

When you drive past it is unusual not to see a liveried blood bike outside, either from SSBB or another blood bike group. Julian’s reputation means he is the first port of call for many bikers. Certainly SSBB appreciate his reliability and utilise his skills for the group bikes as well as their own.

Sunday June 25th was a different kind of day for Julian and Jackie and a busy one for Haughton residents who saw rather more motor cycles than usual. Taylor Brothers hosted a fundraising event with proceeds going to SSBB!

BBQ, raffle, refreshments and an enormous variety of home-made cake courtesy of local residents. The sticky flapjacky one was particularly good!

Although the weather could have been a little kinder there was a great turnout and it was a very sociable few hours. Julian and Jackie’s hard work and the input from their helpers and friends meant they were able to present our charity with £818.21 which member Nigel H accepted on our behalf.

Thank you Julian and Jackie and Haughton for your kindness and generosity from all of us at Shropshire ∙ Staffordshire ∙ Cheshire Blood Bikes.




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