Staffordshire and Shropshire meet Shropshire and Staffordshire!

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On Thursday 26th January at the Joseph Whittall Lodge No.1392 meeting, the Staffordshire and Shropshire Mark Master Masons and  SSBB relationship  was formally launched.

They are supporting our charity for the next two years and we are delighted with their enthusiasm and resolve. They asked that we take a couple of bikes to the dinner and Princess Carrie and Imogen had pride of place on the ballroom dance floor.

Helen B gave an emotive after dinner talk to over 90 brethren and their guests. Mike Heenan, the Provincial Grand Master was full of praise for our service and our volunteers and is determined to raise funds to enable us to purchase a new bike for Shropshire and one for Staffordshire – How brilliant is that!

The rest of our team on the night also spread the word. We look forward to working closely with them.

mmmstaffsandshrops 3

mmmstaffsandshrops 1

mmmstaffsandshrops 2



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