A Very Big Thank You – Biddulph Rotary

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February 29th 2016

This was the date that members Helen and Nigel B attended a function run by Biddulph Rotary to give a presentation about the work that SSBB undertake for their local hospitals. Not one of the gentlemen present had heard of blood bikes and a few of them were wondering what on earth the talk may be about!

Blood Bikes?? It conjured up all sorts of ideas!

Dinner and 45 minutes later the Rotarians were left pretty stunned by the service that blood bikes offer and even more astounded that it is carried out free of charge. The gents were amazingly generous to us by presenting a cheque to Helen for £250.00.

Nearly twelve months later Helen and Nigel were invited back to give a 10 minute update on the progress of SSBB throughout 2016 and member Matt W. also joined them. Matt brought Raven for a photo opportunity.

Another lovely evening with a special bunch of people. President Rob Lomas thanked us for attending and then presented us with a cheque for £1500.00 together with their best wishes for our future work.

It was our turn to be stunned!

Thank you gentlemen. You are amazing.

Biddulph Rotary



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