Bobby the Blood Biking Bear!

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Bobby the Blood Biking Bear

When 8 year old Libby Sadler was asked to produce a piece of creative writing for her teacher, she chose our very own Bobby Bear as her subject. Wonderful to know that Bobby is becoming so well known!

Bobby Bears Day Out

Today Bobby was eating a double layered chocolate cake. He was thinking – Should I have some more? Maybe I should. So he ate 10 more slices of the massive double layered chocolate cake. He looked like he was a big balloon so he didn’t eat anymore.

Suddenly Bobby got emergency call from a hospital saying somebody needs some red juice blood. They tied Bobby on the handle bars. They were going as fast as the bike could take him. Hearing all the things they were saying is making Bobby worried as there was the lights flashing quicker and quicker. Seeing the hospital in sight he was calming down as they reached the hospital with their red juicy blood.

 Thank you Libby for writing about Bobby. He is very proud of what he does.




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