“Millie Bea” Joins The SSBB Fleet!

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Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes are proud to announce the addition to our fleet of a brand new blood bike.

The bike was purchased primarily through a fantastic donation of £10k from the Morrison’s Foundation, and is only the second brand new motorcycle the charity has purchased in our 2.5 years of operation.

The Yamaha FJR1300 is a home office approved blood bike. Which means it is built and supplied specifically to us as a blood bike, complete with hi-vis livery and blood box tray, where previously we have carried out this conversion our selves.

It is also the new 6 speed FJR, making us one of the first blood bike groups in the country operate this model. Something we are very proud of indeed.

All of our blood bikes are named, and this time we decided to hold a “name the blood bike” competition to give supporters the chance to have their chosen name on our new bike. The competition was held at Morrison’s store in Lawley Telford, with over 60 names being entered.

There were some extremely worthy candidates with very moving stories behind them, making it a tough choice for our judges. But in the end one story stood out, about a brave little girl who has a form of cerebral palsy which means she can’t use her legs properly. Her amazing family are raising funds for an operation, which will allow her to walk and get up to all the usual 2 year old shenanigans!

But what better way to describe her story, than in “her own words” from her website:

My name is Millie Bea from Abbots Bromley near Rugeley in Staffs. I was born on 26th January 2014 at 32 weeks, 13 minutes before my twin brother Evan Ray. As we got bigger my brother could sit up and play with his toys, crawl around, walk and dance but because my legs don’t work properly I can only get around with the help of my Mommy and Daddy.

My Mommy and Daddy have been talking about an operation called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). This means having an operation to make my legs work properly and stop being stiff and tight.

The Doctors will open my back and find the rootlets in my spine which make my legs tight. They will split them up and this will make my legs feel better and help me to walk.

I will need to do lots of physiotherapy after which will be hard but I just can’t wait to be able to walk like my brother!

After reading Millie’s story, we wanted to show our support for this special little girl and her family in their fundraising and also with the challenges ahead which they face.

So in the end there was a clear winner and our new blood bike has been named “Millie Bea”.

The family charity raising funds for her operation is called “Millie Bea’s Walking wish” please do go and look at their website and follow them on Facebook.

Millie Bea 1

Millie Bea 2

Millie Bea 3

Millie Bea 4



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