A Very Special Delivery … Run Number “The Token” 3000

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There is always competition between our riders for who gets the “big number” jobs. And Nigel B (husband of our Chair Helen) is no exception. In fact way back when we reached the 100th delivery, he put himself on our duty rota especially in anticipation… resulting in him making deliveries 98, 99 and 101! He did receive, however, a special commemorative T-shirt from our 100 man Howie J!

In recent weeks we have all been saddened and shocked by the news that Nigel has been diagnosed with cancer.

Nigel is a hugely well respected and loved member of our team, always there for anyone (even if that is usually to take the mickey!), and a plan was hatched to give him a special day to remember.

But what? Important discussions took place….

Well Job 3000 is coming up, wouldn’t it be good if Nigel could do it?

But he can’t ride his bike these days!… so we find him a car?… with a blood bike escort!

But what car?

……and he needs a T-shirt!

………and it needs to be top secret so we all need call signs!

You know, important adult discussions like that.

For various reasons we always knew that it probably couldn’t be a “real” job… and it really needed to be on a weekend as most of us work, so some “creative accountancy” may be needed if we weren’t quite at the magic number…But nobody would really mind, this was for Nige.

So the day was planned as a special job from Haywood Hospital to Royal Stoke, and at 13:00 hours on Sunday 7th August, we set off from RV1 to collect “mother goose”.

I’ll hand over to Nigel now, to tell you in his own words how the day panned out…


I like to think I know what is going on around me but on Sunday I didn’t.

I had no words, only tears, to share with the blood bike members who arrived at my home just after lunch. Martin H arrived on the drive asking for assistance with a ‘special job’. A sample to be transported between Hayward Hospital and the Royal Stoke. Little did I know at the time that it was a ‘token’ run without a real sample.

SSBB colleagues, knowing that I had narrowly missed some ‘magic numbers’ i.e. the 100 (and many more) decided that because of my ill health and inability to ride I was to be ‘awarded’ the 3000th token run.

The ‘3000’ T Shirt was presented to me then 13 motorcycles and two Ford Anglia’s turned the corner into my road. The Anglia had been my very first car. Some serious research had been done!

Hugs and many tears later, ensconced in one of the Anglia’s we headed, in convoy, for the Hayward. More of the team were there to meet us and we all got a tremendous welcome from the staff there who ‘put the kettle on’ and brought out the celebratory chocolate cake provided by a generous staff member.

As it happened, whilst at Hayward, a real call came in and Gary C collected the sample and we all proceeded to the Royal Stoke to deliver the real sample then a further photo shoot before retiring to a local Inn as you do!!

I just want to say thank you to those of you who organised and planned this down to the last detail. (Even Helen didn’t know what was planned apart from knowing she needed to keep me at home). A huge thank you to all of you who were able to take part. It really was a magical day. Great memories and, no doubt, some great photos will emerge.

I am due to see the surgeon on Wednesday re my treatment regime which will be chemotherapy. They have now found the primary cancer in the bowel which caused the cancer in the liver and lungs.

I still need to go shopping for my bell so I can alert Helen as to when I require tea and toast. She is looking forward to that!!!

I am so proud to be a part of this Charity and to have had the chance to work alongside such a fabulous group of people. Teamwork at its best.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


As suspected, we hadn’t quite made it to 3000, and Rider Frank Bratley, supported by controller Myles Priddis, completed the actual job 3000 a day later, and we congratulate them on a job well done.

But 3000 will always be remembered as the “The Bundy 3000” (even if that does sound like a make of washing machine!) and for the tears and joy which were had.

Our sincerest thanks to our Anglia owners, Adrian and Alison from Swadlincote, and Steve and Tina from Cannock, who, with absolutely no prior knowledge of our charity or Nigel, until about 2 weeks ago, came to chauffeur Nigel and Helen on this special day. Both refusing to take any money for fuel. We thank you very much indeed.

So after just 2.5 years of service, SSBB has reached its 3000th delivery, and a massive thank you to every single one of our volunteers who give up their spare time, to make this possible. You can all be very proud of what has been achieved in such a very short space of time.

Nigel, we are so glad you enjoyed your day and wish you all the very best with your treatment. Sending you our love and we will definitely see you soon.


Ford Anglia


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