Violet’s Story

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Violet Lilian Mornington was born on 3rd June 2008 at Samuel Johnson Hospital in Lichfield to Kerry and Ivan.  A happy, healthy, sometimes very silly and a tiny bit naughty little girl, she completely rocked her Mummy and Daddy’s world.  “Life was never boring with Vi, she was into everything, always on the go and making us laugh”.

Violet had so many friends firstly through her Nursery, Animal Crackers and then when she started school in September 2012 at St Stephens in Fradley, where she lived.  She loved school and she loved her friends.

In 2013, Violet was coming on in leaps and bounds with her reading and writing, she had learnt to swim at her swimming lessons and mum and dad were planning on taking the stabilisers off her bike ready for the Summer.  Things were good and Violet’s most favourite things in the whole world were her books and her teddy bears.

On her 5th Birthday (3rd June 2013) this all changed when Violet came home from school feeling a little unwell. “We thought maybe she was a bit over excited about her birthday”.  When Violet didn’t seem to pick up after few days and after several trips to the doctors, Violet was taken to A&E where she was immediately transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where for several weeks she left Doctors baffled as to what was wrong.

Doctors ruled out Leukaemia and other weird and wonderful viruses but they were completely stumped.  They couldn’t figure out why Violet’s bloods were so “bonkers”, as they put it.

They couldn’t understand why she was having raging temperatures up to six times each day, why her spleen had doubled in size and why she was too tired to even get out of bed to have a little play in the playroom.

Finally, after three weeks in hospital, they diagnosed Epstein Barr Virus associated Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and set about her first lot of treatment.  However, it soon transpired that there was something more sinister going on with poor Violet and they suspected a rare blood disorder called HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis), a potentially fatal disease of the blood if not diagnosed and treated in time.

Despite starting chemotherapy treatment, the disease had gotten hold of Violet and on Saturday 20th July she started to have severe respiratory problems.  After 24 hours of fighting so hard to stay with us, little Violet sadly lost her fight and she passed away on 21st July 2013.  She died peacefully in the arms of her Mommy and Daddy.

Violet will be remembered and loved by everyone who knew her for her sense of humour, her beautiful smile, her strong personality, for her individuality and for the amazing courage and bravery she showed during her illness.

“Violet” the blood bike is proudly owned and ridden by SSBB Committee Member Phil S with the full support of Kerry and Ivan (Violet’s parents).




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