Northwest Human Milk Bank – 500th Donor!

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Last week Steve C and Jon H were tasked with collecting several litres of frozen breast milk to take to the Northwest Human Milk Bank in Chester.  This has become a regular, and vital, part of the work we do at SSBB.

But this particular collection was no ordinary collection from the donors house, it did in fact have a greater significance for NWHMB as Nicola was their 500th donor! It was our great pleasure to meet both Nicola and young Jacob and transport this precious (Liquid gold) delivery from Worcester to Chester, where it will be processed and redistributed to neo-natal units around the Midlands and sometimes further afield.

If you are interested in becoming a breast milk donor, then please visit the NWHMB Donate Milk Page as breast milk is vital for premature babies in a whole host of ways, not least protection against infection, better developmental outcomes and reduced stress levels.

Similarly, if you have been inspired and would like to Join the SSBB Team, whether that be as a rider, controller or fundraiser, please get in touch. We are always looking  for volunteers to join the #SSBB Family.






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