Dave Lowe & Family Continually Raising Funds for SSBB

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Over the last 2 years we have had many kind donations made to SSBB and it’s always heart warming to find individuals and groups of people that have really gotten behind us, raising funds on more than one occasion or becoming a member to get really stuck in.

Dave Lowe and his close family are such people. Dave recently turned 60 and at his party, he asked his friends and family to dig deep to raise a few pounds for us at SSBB. When I received the message that a staggering £408.97 was raised I was totally gobsmacked.  It is clear, that he and his family and friends are great supporters of what the volunteers at SSBB do and we thank you for it.

Not only do they fundraise via events the Oddballs MCC that they are members of, they have raised funds through more personal events. Starting with Dave and Alice’s wedding day, they asked friends and family to donate to SSBB and Midlands Air Ambulance instead of buying them gifts. Then Alice’s mother, Betty, held a bingo evening, again raising funds for SSBB.

So a huge thank you goes out to Dave, Alice, Betty and the Oddballs MCC for all your support.


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