The Importance of Trackers!

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Good Evening All

We always encourage out volunteers to get in touch with us regarding their experience of our service. Recently, Mandy C, who is an experienced Controller, wrote in to explain why she feels the trackers, recently fitted to our entire fleet of blood bikes, are a hugely beneficial tool.


I am writing about the importance of having a tracker fitted to a Blood Bike from a controllers and riders point of view. When trackers were first fitted to the blood bikes, I never really gave it much thought as to how it would help, thinking it to be a “Big Brother” scenario “Looking over your shoulder”. This experience brought it home to me of its importance.

I was a controller on an evening duty when I received a call from the Countess of Chester hospital (CoCH) requesting a collection for blood from the NBTL (National Blood Transfusion Liverpool) to be delivered back to themselves.

I dispatched the duty rider George P, once he made the collection he text me with his ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) for CoCH, near to this time I logged on to Trakm8 to see of his whereabouts, seeing the trace left on the map, I noticed that he had circled Runcorn and then indicated that he had then come to a stop. Sensing he was having trouble, I contacted him immediately. He told me that he had encountered major road works on roads that he needed to travel on with no posted diversions to allow him to get to his destination, it was literary sending him round in circles!

I was then then his eyes, giving him directions whilst he was travelling via Bluetooth with the number or names of roads to follow, finding that these were closed as well. As I had a live view using Trakm8 I was able to see where George was and help him on his way, although this involved a rather lengthy detour via Warrington, but this way he could get back on track to complete his delivery.


Well done Mandy and George. Not only does this experience demonstrate the benefits of our new tracking system, but also of the incredible camaraderie and team work that glues our wonderful charity together!




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