All Year Biker Protects SSBB Fleet

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Big thanks to Richard Cluley at All Year Biker in Church Minshall, Cheshire, for weather proofing our fleet of Blood Bikes with ACF50 (An anti-corrosion fluid used on Military and Civilian aircraft), ensuring our precious Blood Bikes are protected against the harsh British weather.

All Year Biker is much more than just a wash and polish. Your bike undergoes a multi-stage cleaning process to remove road dirt/salt, old wax or co-polymer coatings, in preparation for the application of ACF50. The process ensures your bike not only looks superb, but more importantly, is well protected from the elements (Corrosion resistant).

It gives us great peace of mind, knowing our bikes are protected from the road salt applied to our roads, as well as the standard road dirt and grime and ensures our service continues in all weathers and conditions without the worry of extra cost to the charity from damage due to corrosion.

For anyone interested in having this carried out on their own precious machine, the process is outlined below:

1. The process begins with a pre-rinse in order to remove loose dirt and re-hydrate any dried on material.

2. The next step is a full degrease. Any area of the bike that has oil, grease or heavy soiling is coated with a degreaser and thoroughly cleaned.

3. The wheels are then given specific attention to remove any deposits, particularly brake dust, with a designated wheel cleaner.

4. A shampoo is then applied which covers the bike is a thick white foam. This is left on for a good 10 minutes or so to remove any remaining dirt, wax, co-polymer or old corrosion protection coatings.
5. Following a double rinse, the bike is then initially dried by hand using a waffle weave micro fibre cloth before a bike drier is used to drive the remaining water out.

6. Brake discs and tyres are now masked off to ensure no trace of ACF50 gets onto these parts, as it is not only an excellent corrosion inhibitor, but jolly good lubricant!

7. The ACF50 is then applied to the motorcycle using a high pressure “Gun”, similar to that used to apply paint to a motorcycle or car panel, which atomises the ACF50 into a dense mist that penetrates deep into every area of your bike.

8. Finally for the finishing touches, panels and paintwork are hand polished and waxed to make your bike look outstanding.

We are really happy with the results and would happily recommend Richard and All Year Biker ACF50 treatment.

Richard can be contacted at Or by visiting, where you can also find an All Year Biker representative in your area if you live further afield.



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