And I Cried Too!

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My Thursday morning, this week, started with a drive to Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury to meet Paul C the Shropshire Area Leader for SSBB in order to carry out a review of our services for the Severn Hospices. After a successful meeting I drove home in the sunshine and decided to stop off in Telford and pop into a shop where I had recently purchased a ball gown for a charity event so I could show the owner a picture of myself in her beautiful dress. I never got that far.

As soon as she saw me she noticed my ID card and lanyard, still around my neck from the meeting.

“Are you anything to do with the blood bikes?”

‘I am, indeed, I am a controller for them and also their Chair, I’ve just been to a meeting.’

She said, “My husband was gravely ill in our local Hospital recently and the doctor told me he would probably not pull through. I asked him what would happen next. He said either death or platelets, whatever arrives first”.

 A few moments later she saw a blood bike motorcycle arrive in the hospital drive.

Her husband is now home and well. Through her tears she thanked me for saving her husband’s life.

I pass those thanks to the team.

I said my goodbyes without showing the photo. I got into my car and I cried too.

Helen B
SSBB Chair



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