Meet SSBB’s (Probably The World’s) First “Blood Blade”!

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When you think of a blood bike, you normally think of big comfortable, mile munching tourer, such as a Honda Pan European or Yamaha FJR. You definitely wouldn’t automatically think of a Honda Fireblade sports bike! But this is exactly what you may now see out and about on our two counties roads, serving SSBB with owner and Blood Biker Rohan B at the helm.

So who better to tell us the story of how the “Blood Blade” was born than Ro herself, as she describes in her own words below…

I come from a two wheeled background and used to compete in cycle racing on road and track, but after a few bad accidents I decided to stop racing and focus on riding motorbikes. I only started advanced riding with the IAM in 2014, even though I’ve had my licence nearly 7 years, and I’m wondering why I didn’t get started with IAM sooner! 

After passing my advanced test with the IAM, I decided to sign up as a rider for Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes – a completely free of charge service to the NHS run by volunteers, providing free, urgent deliveries of blood and other medical products.

 But as I’m under 30 I can’t ride the group bikes owned by the charity, so the plan was hatched to transform my own bike – a Honda Fireblade 954 – into the first ever “Blood Blade”. 

In order for a motorbike to be used as a blood bike, it must have a suitable luggage system to securely carry the blood. As there are no suitable luggage systems available, this was the first obstacle to overcome! A local metal fabricator, was up for the challenge (which also required changing the exhaust to make it fit) and produced a custom luggage rack, which I can fit hard panniers to.

 Being a little strapped for cash; as I’d already spent around £300 sorting the customer rack and exhaust. I decided to see if the public would help me out with the cost (around £200) to have the blood bike livery put on the bike…. and the public went wild for it!!! Within 24 hours of the Just Giving crowd fund page going live I had raised nearly £800, so I shut the page down early, and instead of doing the work in a months’ time (when the page was due to end) I did it before Christmas!

I didn’t even think I would raise the £200 needed… the generosity of everyone involved that close to Christmas was fantastic and the Blood Blade was born!

 The money raised via the crowd funding page was not only used to transform the Blood Blade, but £476 extra which was raised, was kindly donated by Ro to SSBB.

I think everyone will agree that this is a fantastic display of generosity and enthusiasm to overcome and obstacle and realise an ambition to ride for our charity. One that everyone at SSBB is very grateful for, and we wish Ro many years of successful service as a Blood Biker.

Steve H




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