The Silent Emergency Service

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Little do us blood bikers know how many lives we touch.  For the past two years our treasurer has used the same post office to pay in donations (large and small) that help keep the free to the NHS service running. The ladies behind the counter frequently ask how the charity is going. Lots of call outs? Saw you in the… Etc etc.

Today’s conversation was somewhat different, the lady behind the counter said ‘you helped my niece.’ After a brief chat it transpires that the niece’s blood needed specialist testing in Birmingham and unbeknownst to her the hospital had called SSBB to transport the important sample. When the niece found out about this she was completely unaware of the service, like many others.

Needless to say both aunt and niece are extremely grateful to the blood bike community for their help. So much so the niece has christened SSBB “the silent emergency service” as we quietly go about our work.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things #itswhatwedo

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