Shirley Ray – Shaves Head for SSBB & The Dougie Mac!

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We would like to introduce you to………


Shirley joined SSBB quite recently and is joining our Controller team. Her husband Carlton rides for us. Shirley also supports another Charity, the Douglas MacMillan Hospice, where she devotes time working in their Meir branch as a volunteer.

She went above and beyond the call of duty today, when, in a fund raising mission for her favourite charities, she decided to have all her golden locks shaved off!

She was given tremendous encouragement from her family and friends and work colleagues from the Hospice were there to show support. Christine Wilkinson, the senior manager, had given permission for the headshave to take place on the shop premises.

SSBB member Helen B. waved the flag for SSBB and Gary C. and Phil S. took the group duty bikes across on behalf of our Charity. Nigel B. turned up just in time having been called to the Royal Stoke Hospital to transport an urgent sample to the NBT in Birmingham.

A warm hearted lady with a great personality, she is obviously held in high regard by those that know her. Her supporter’s generosity towards her charities resulted in £540.00 being donated for SSBB and a similar amount to the Hospice Shop.

Thank you Shirley for your wonderful gesture. It was great to meet your family.

The SSBB Team

IMG_5024 IMG_5034 IMG_5053


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