Gnosall Singers

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SSBB members Lynne S, Ann K. and Helen and Nigel B. were guests of the Gnosall Singers at their Annual Choir Concert at the Memorial Hall leading up to Christmas. The members had decided they wanted to raise funds for SSBB.

It was a brilliantly entertaining evening, a wonderful atmosphere and a fabulous start to the Christmas festivities.

Nigel, however, missed most of the evening as he was on duty and was called away to the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry to take an urgent sample to the Royal Hospital Shrewsbury. His arrival back at the Memorial Hall on completion of the job was not missed by the guests sitting at the back of the hall. The sound of a powerful 1300cc motorbike arriving outside is not easily disguised !!

Helen was given the opportunity at the end of the evening to spend a few minutes talking about the work of the charity. It was a great chance to let the audience know what their support meant to the volunteers. Helen was overwhelmed when Tony Gee presented her with a staggering £536 which then increased to £555.00 by the end of the night. That is sufficient money to fuel the blood bikes for two weeks. Quite an achievement!

Gnosall residents continue to support us and we thank you all.

And a very special thank you to Gnosall Singers.

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