Uska the blood bike dog

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 Blood Bikers not only help others in need, but more recently two Blood Bikers previously unknown to one another and from different Blood Bike groups came together through unique circumstances.

Howard Jones is one of our riders at Shropshire and Staffordshire blood bikes as well as his day to day job being a Guide Dog Instructor. His job of teaching and training Guide Dogs and visually impaired clients is something Howard has done for 25 years, changing the lives of many hundreds of visually impaired people. However, Howard’s most recently trained Guide Dog, Uska, suited a particular client from Burton Upon Trent. Butch Freeman, the only controller for Derbyshire Blood Bikes who is registered blind and has been waiting for a Guide Dog for almost a year.

Uska was an ideal match for Butch and they’ve now successfully qualified and are getting around Staffordshire independently. Butch commented, “Uska has given me back my independence and a brand new lease for life”.

Howard commented, “It’s a great job, being able to see the difference a dog can make to someone’s life – and I’m sure it won’t be long before Uska becomes the newest member of the Darbyshire Blood Bike Group”.



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