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twitterscott#Friday 14th August was National Blood Bike Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for the Blood Bike charities and volunteers up and down the country. Blood Bike groups have been described as ‘The Unseen Emergency Service’.

Being a part of the National Association of Blood Bike (NABB) means that at Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes we get to take part in helping serve the NHS and transport vital blood, plasma, serum, x-rays, instruments, MRI scans and donated breast milk for premature babies between locations to where they are most needed. On rare occasions we are able to take part in ‘relay’ deliveries, our most recent being in July when we helped transport samples from Dumfires Royal Infirmary to Charing Cross Hospital, London.

Nothing stood in the way of SSBB on National Blood Bike day, as we responded to 4 ‘shouts’ throughout the day and night for 4 different hospitals requesting transport for various samples and completed our 1189th call out in just over 18 months.

SSBB have just over 100 members who took to Facebook and Twitter to ‘retweet’, ‘share’ and ‘hashtag’ to help raise awareness for Blood Bike Day. bbdScottTweerbloodbike


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