It’s what we do!

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Wednesday last week temperatures soared and we still had calls for urgent movements. With holidays taking away some riders we have been a bit stretched to fill shifts and on this occasion we had a new rider Scott based north of Shrewsbury available.

When Paul C took a call from Burton hospital there was no rider available so Scott was offered the choice of the transfer – a test sample from Burton Queen’s Hospital to NHSBT in Edgbaston. Whilst Scott was on the route Paul took a further call from Burton for a collection of Blood from NHSBT back to Burton.

As temperatures rose and traffic slowed Scott saw the bike dash’ display a temperature of 35C, the fan was working flat out to cool the engine and he was literally cooking. At NHSBT having successfully complete the transfer, he spoke with Paul who realised Scott needed to stop and take time to recover, so directed him to get fluids and rest.

Paul then alerted the hospital and alternative transport was used for the Blood transfer. The situation was discussed with Chris as DCM and it was agreed if Scott didn’t feel any better to ‘rescue’ him and the bike. Further information came to Paul from NHSBT who were concerned for Scott and had placed him under observasion. As the controller shift changed Russ was fully briefed as incoming DCM and he contacted Scott’s wife. Together they went to Brum, recovering bike and rider back to Shrewsbury.

Scott was concerned he had caused us more problems, even though he had completed his trip, but the professionalism of those around took positive action and no issues arose. As for Scott being ‘rescued’ as Russ put it:-

“when you’re a volunteer, it’s what we do”


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