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SSBB membnewcastlelionsers who attended a fund raising event held in April by members of Newcastle Lions at the Furama Palace Chinese Restaurant in Stoke will not only remember the hospitality that we received but also the wonderful food and the interesting experience of the waiting staff assisting SSBB member Martin H. in his attempt to manoeuvre Princess Carrie up the steps into the foyer, as requested by the manager.

Ian Diamond White, a locally born England International darts professional, gave his services free of charge on the night and was challenged by many of the guests to play against him. The scoring, carried out by a friend of his, was very much in favour of the challengers!!!

Martin H. and Helen B. were invited back to the Furama Palace recently to meet up with Jean Oakes, President of Newcastle Lions, together with other Newcastle Lions members, Ian Diamond White and Chris, wife of the manager of the restaurant.

Everyone gathered on the steps outside and Jean presented Helen with a presentation cheque in our favour. Helen and Martin were overwhelmed at the generosity of Newcastle Lions when they saw that the cheque was for £1000.00.

An incredible amount of money to be given.

Thank you Jean and your fellow Lions. We can do a lot with that amount of money. Thank you all of behalf of all at SSBB.


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