End To End

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A massive thanks goes out to Gary Fear who raised a staggering £4,053 to date for SSBB on his John O’Groats to Lands End journey, with donations still coming in.

Gary Fear was  joined by two friends Steve Cartlidge and Nigel Maddox, who rode for their chosen charities, and traveled 900 miles in 8 days, a heroic task taken on by three fantastic men. SSBB members Nigel B, Oliver B, Howard J and Mark F, were on hand to support the trio the entire journey carrying spares, supplies and ample amounts of support. Gary, Steve and Nigel were not only joined by SSBB, the journey also saw various other Blood Bike Groups join them as they passed through their counties.

Sadly on the last day, after struggling with his breathing Gary had to unfortunately call time on this massive challenge on doctors orders, he said ‘I managed to get an emergency appointment with a doctor in Okehampton who told me I had bronchitis and advised not to continue. Very sad and only made better by knowing that Steve and Nigel were heading on the final leg. Well done to both of you and the last seven days have been a massive honor and an experience I will never forget.’

Nigel had these kind words to say “A bond was formed with our support team without which non of this would have been possible. Nigel B Ollie B Howard J and Mark F who fetched, carried and rescued without any question or moaning. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried but we stuck it out, because that’s clearly what a band of brothers does. Thank you boys our adventure will last a life time.”

SSBB e2e

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