Stafford Castle Inner Wheel

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SSBB were delighted to receive an invitation from the Ladies Inner Wheel of Stafford Castle Rotary Club to give a talk to the members about the work that we undertake. Helen B. and Nigel B. responded to the invitation and met the ladies at the beautiful setting of the Moathouse at Acton Trussell. Thirty ladies. Nigel was in his element! The audience were fascinated by the variety of items that we carry and, in particular, the transportation of frozen breast milk. They were unaware of how precious those donations are for the feeding of premature babies. StaffordCastleRotaryClubThey were also amazed that the service offered by the charity was free of charge to the N.H.S. At the end of the evening many supportive comments were received. President Helen Rogers offered a formal thanks to Helen and Nigel for their presence and presented Helen with a cheque for SSBB for £150.00 from the Inner Wheel.

Thank you ladies for the invitation and for your most generous contribution towards our funds.

Helen B.


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