Chip Butties All Round!!!

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SSBB members Nigel B. and Helen B. received a warm welcome at the Railway Tavern at Norton Bridge on May 5th when they were invited to give a talk to the members of the North Staffordshire BSA Owners Club after their AGM.BSAOwners

Lots of laughs and plenty of questions followed plus the usual amazement about the free service that SSBB offers their NHS Trusts.

All in all a very sociable evening with a very supportive group of people. The members kindly donated £50 towards our charity in response to the talk and the ever visible rattle can contained a further £46 in donations. Helen took the opportunity of telling the members about the sponsored bike ride that SSBB member Gary Fear was undertaking on our behalf from John O’Groats to Land’s End and, when the sponsorship form was returned to her, they had sponsored Gary to the tune of £70.00. What a very generous group of individuals!BSAOwners(1)

The evening concluded with sausage and chip butties which, if I may say, was an excellent end to a wonderful night out!

Helen B.


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