SSBB and Newcastle Lions Go Chinese!!!

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Furama Palace



Guests of Newcastle Lions at their recent fund raising event for Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes certainly needed good appetites as the food just kept coming!! SSBB members Martin H. Nigel B. Helen B. John F. and their guest were delighted to attend this event at the Furama Palace on April 29th.
It is a regular venue for the Lions Group for their fund raising activities and they were obviously well known to the staff there. They greeted us like long lost friends and were insistent that the group bike Princess Carrie took pride of place in the foyer. It was an interesting sight to watch the manoeuvre as Martin, assisted by Nigel and the waiters, pushed the bike up the steps and through the main doors!!

IMG_2607After dinner Helen spoke for a few minutes about SSBB and advised the guests in particular of the work we carry out for the Royal Stoke, their local hospital.

But food was not the only item on the menu!! Locally born England International Darts player Ian Diamond White had offered his services free of charge for the evening to assist the Lions with their fund raising event. A wonderful friendly man, Ian challenged the guests to play against him. The ladies were allowed 6 darts and the scoring, by a friend of Ian’s, was very much in the favour of the challengers.

IMG_2606Brilliant evening, great entertainment, great food, wonderful service and lovely company.

Thank you President Jean Oakes of Newcastle Lions, thank you Ian and friends, we had a great time.



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