SSBB day trip to Wales – Our first collection for the Northwest Human Milk Bank (NWHMB)

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SSBB have undertaken their first collection of breast milk on behalf of the Northwest Human Milk Bank (NWHMB) and it was a rousing success.  The donated breast milk we collected is special as it can be used to feed the neediest of babies – those born prematurely.  The Operations Manager of the Milk Bank, Annie Atkinson, explained that due to the stomach lining of premature babies having not yet fully formed – it was crucial that they receive donor milk and milk from mums who themselves had given birth to premature babies was even better.  Higher levels of important nutrients are found in this type of donor milk – making this a very special collection indeed.

It was apparent that the mother was unable to transport the breast milk to Chester herself.  So SSBB were keen to help and the collection was arranged by Nigel B. The fact that there was around 9 litres of the breast milk meant two other firsts for SSBB – the need for two motorcycles for transportation and our first collection from Wales.

The collection was made on Good Friday and riders Nigel B, Martin H and Howard J (who was familiarising himself with NWHMB deliveries) set out for the village of Penegoes, near the Welsh town of Machynlleth. Nigel B also managed to order the weather – the sun was certainly in our riders eyes at times whilst in other parts of the region rain and hail were falling and roads were flooded.  Even a short lunch stop at the coastal town of Aberystwyth was eminently pleasant and the three salads were enjoyed by all.


Upon arrival the three riders were treated to fabulous hospitality by Alice Reed and her family – coffee and toast!


Donor Alice who volunteers with her local breastfeeding support group Machynlleth BIBS said “We were over the moon to see the guys and to see the milk going off to a new home and hopefully to good use” It also relieves a very substantial space in their freezer as the 65 bottles of milk were carefully packed into two insulated milk boxes and secured to bikes Hermes and Elsa.  With goodbyes made, the riders set off for Chester to deliver the milk.


SSBB wish Alice and her family all the very best for the future.

More information about the Northwest Human Milk Bank (NWHMB) and how to donate can be found at

The Breastfeeding support group Machynlleth BIBS can be contacted through their Facebook page.


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