New SSBB vehicle first of its kind for emergency blood deliveries

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We live in a time of increasing traffic and worsening surface conditions on our roads. Despite the advanced training our riders have and their ability to cut through traffic on the Blood Bikes, at times they are caught up in a jam like everyone else and we are experiencing increasing repair bills due to the current well publicised pothole problem.

Therefore in a first for a blood delivery service in the UK, SSBB are proud to announce the purchase of a Hovercraft.

The Hovercraft a type BBV-6 is the same type currently used by search and rescue organisations across the UK, and our thanks to BARB search and rescue in Burnham on sea for inviting us along to see one of their hovercraft in action over the winter.

Below is the first image of the hovercraft during recent trials and pilot training in the Lake District. She will shortly be liveried up and named, but we are simply calling her BS1 for now until the official launch day.


 We are always looking for new ways of improving the service we provide, In a Hovercraft we will be able to use the region’s waterways, instead of our deteriorating and often traffic blocked roads.

Queens Hospital Burton will be the first of our hospitals to benefit from the new service, due to its location near the River Trent. With planning permission now approved to build a hover ramp next to the Dalloway Street Bridge, and a private access road to the hospital. As Birmingham has more canals than Venice, we will have no issues with our deliveries to the Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Heartlands

Hovercraft are not currently road legal in the UK, but John Stepney Chairman of the Nation Wide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB), will soon be launching a new campaign alongside the British Hovercraft Association to allow the Blood Hovercraft onto public roads, in order that we can deliver to some of our more land locked Hospitals, especially during the winter where snow and ice will be no problem for BS1

We are very excited about Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Hovercraft (SSBH) and hope that this new ground breaking service may be adopted by other groups in the future

Watch this space for more exciting SSBH news.



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