Winstantow Vintage Bike Show 2015

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A warm, bright and spring-like day greeted David E and myself when setting up shop for SSBB at the Winstantlow Classic and Vintage bike show held near Craven Arms in Shropshire on Sunday.


This is a friendly local village-hall type event that is now in its 24th year – quite a feat when you consider that many of the so called “classics” were state of the art new bikes when the show first came into being.

We had a steady stream of interest during the day, collecting just over £120 as well as David selling a number of his remaining raffle tickets.


The success is not only to be measured in monetary terms – as we found ourselves invited to a bike show in Staffordshire and to provide talks to two motorcycle clubs.
We also received invites to attend three bike events in Shropshire – so very productive in many different ways.

To sum it up…great show, wonderful people, good weather and lots of interesting motorbikes.

How better way to spend a Sunday 😊
My thanks go out to David for both his help and company.

Paul C.


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