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On behalf of SSBB Nigel and I would like to thank you all for your recent support of the charity.

We were overwhelmed by the turnout for the quiz night. 21 teams on the night for a testing quiz, raffle and a game of Irish bingo. You raised £514.00 for us and we thank you. We hope you had an enjoyable evening. We did!

In addition, the Phoenix Club in the village gave us a warm welcome when we gave a presentation about bloodbikes at their meeting. Their members bought raffle tickets, gave £115.00 in donations and presented us with a cheque from the Club. Their comments and support have been amazing.

Thank you also for providing the sound system and microphones for the quiz.

Many of you will have noticed that Nigel and I were featured on the front of the GPN for March. Thank you for that honour and for publishing the article about the charity. Raising awareness of what the charity does is very important to us. It also contributes to new volunteer applications and the all important fund raising.

IMG_2175 IMG_2178

Finally, may we say a HUGE THANK YOU to the lady who, whilst Helen was away on holiday, dropped a package into her workplace addressed to Helen and Nigel, Bloodbikes. The package contained a very generous anonymous cash donation of £1000.00 for SSBB. Such wonderful generosity has overwhelmed us. We will be able to do so much with this money and we thank you sincerely.

Helen and Nigel B

Lynne S

on behalf of SSBB

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