You Rarely See The Stars Through A Stormy Sky!!!

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Evening Folks

The storm clouds over Telford looked threatening enough and indeed a few hail stones were evident but that didn’t deter the smiles and sunny dispositions of the SSBB riders and controllers on their visit to the Shropshire Star Headquarters earlier today.

One of their own staff Martin L, a new SSBB member currently undertaking his advanced training, happened to mention someone was having a first birthday celebration to one of his colleagues. Guess who? Yup, your very own SSBB! Officially one year old!!

There was no cake involved (shame) but nevertheless our members Rider Paul C, Controller Lee C, Rider Steve C, and Controller Helen B had an enjoyable hour with the Shropshire Star staff chatting about the work we do. Their photographer was in action too and between showers and howling wind he snapped away at the team and Jo Jo and Joanne, two of our group bikes.

They intend to publish a story about us in their paper over the next few days, probably Friday, so keep your eyes peeled. Just to whet your appetite here’s a picture for you (See below). Steve is delighted his eyes are open and the girls pretty much gave up on the neatly coiffured hair! Paul just kept beaming!! Wasn’t such a pretty sight when he tried to stand up after crouching down for 15 minutes!

But hey ho, all in a day’s work when you volunteer for SSBB!

Shropshire Star

Look at that sky!
Left to right: Lee C, Paul C, Helen B and Steve C


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