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Sometimes we think our road-user presence as bikers is not recognized by others, then all of a sudden something pops out from an unexpected quarter. Here’s a really in-depth review from the police and the motorcycle industry regarding motorcycle casualty reduction and “Realising the Motorcycling Opportunity December 2014“. I have copied and pasted the foreword from this somewhat verbose document below so that you can get a flavour of what it is about before downloading the document in full, if you so wish!



In 2012, Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) David Griffin, who was then head of motorcycle matters for the Association of Chief Police Officers, visited Steve Kenward, the CEO of the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA). David was concerned by what seemed to be an emerging slowdown in motorcycle casualty reduction, coupled with trends in certain areas of safety which appeared to be moving in reverse.

These views were shared by MCIA and a meeting of both ACPO and MCIA’s core safety and policy team was quickly convened.

Previous work in the safety and transport policy area was reviewed. Although it was clear that some positive gains had been made on motorcycle safety since 2000, no particular approach or strategy had resulted in ‘breakthrough velocity’ in casualty reduction. The team also identified deficiencies in the overall approach to transport policy, which it was felt hindered progress in casualty reduction.

The team were keen to look at how best to move forward with a new strategy. However, having reviewed past work, both MCIA and ACPO were cautious about creating yet another ‘standard’ strategy, based around only traditional techniques, which may or may not result in incremental progress.

Having considered how wider policy actions may affect safety, both in the UK and internationally, it was noted how developments in the motorcycle market, particularly at commuter level, could have a positive impact in safety. To test emerging theories, it was decided to hold a public session to look into the issue further.

In partnership with the Department for Transport (DfT), a conference, ‘More Motorcycles Could Reduce Casualties!’, was held at the DfT on November 11th 2013. This conference tested the headline theory and received presentations on several aspects of road safety and transport policy. It sparked a great deal of interest and after further discussions within the ACPO/MCIA team and also with the DfT, it was decided that the next step would be to produce a draft ‘Framework’ for motorcycle safety and transport policy for public comment. This document is the result of this work.

Realising the Motorcycling Opportunity: A Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy Framework” is a fresh approach to safety policy. It not only considers traditional approaches to motorcycle safety policy, but also considers in depth the wider impacts of Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) use on society as a whole and how so-called ‘command’ transport policies, should be evolved to recognise this. The benefit of doing so being that greater ‘traction’ can be created on road safety activities and public awareness of motorcycles and scooters. In other words, this Framework proposes key themes for creating a sustainable environment for safer motorcycling and for motorcycling to develop as part of UK transport policy.

This new Framework is being launched as a draft for comment at the 2014 All Party Parliamentary Motorcycle Group (APMG) on December 8th. We would particularly like to thank Steve Baker MP, Chairman of the APMG for his support.

We welcome views on the Framework from both public and private sector stakeholders. We intend to seek comments for six weeks until January 12th.  After this, the Framework will be evolved in light of these comments and a finalised Framework and strategy for delivery launched during March 2015.

We commend this Framework to you and look forward to hearing your views. It is challenging, both practically and philosophically. It is not meant to be a ‘read today, put on shelf tomorrow’ document. It proposes actions that will be pursued over a ‘short generational’ basis, in order to allow proper long term and sustainable policies and safety activities for motorcycling.

We look forward to hearing your views.

DCC Tim Madgwick, North Yorkshire Police ACPO Motorcycle Lead
Steve Kenward  CEO MCIA
DCC David Griffin  Humberside Police


Realising The Motorcycle Opportunity

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