Muxton Ladies: 70 Ladies and Nigel!

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Good Evening All

Helen and Nigel B have been on their travels again, taking the SSBB “Roadshow” with them. This week they have been to visit the Muxton Ladies!


Rider and Controller team Helen and Nigel B were delighted to accept an invitation during last year to give a presentation on SSBB at the AGM of Muxton ladies. The event, attended by 70 of the membership, took place on Wednesday January 7th in St. John’s Church, Muxton. The introduction had come from Lynne S, one of the Muxton ladies who is also an SSBB member and fund raiser.

Nigel’s blood bike Elsa, parked outside, set the scene and Elron, the latest recruit to the mini fleet took pride of place on the stage. The audience were attentive and took the opportunity after the talk to ask questions about this charity that no one had previously heard of.

They were amazed about the service offered, in particular, to their own local hospital and the fact that all our members are volunteers and the service is free of charge. Helen and Nigel received a wonderful warm reception and Chair, Margaret Howells, was effusive in her thanks for their time and contribution to the evening.

Tea and coffee followed with the obligatory mince pie (Nigel felt obliged to partake so not to cause offence, twice!)

Helen was presented with a cheque for £70.00 for SSBB by the club treasurer which was extremely generous but was astonished later in the evening when the contents of a collection box was counted and also presented to her for our charity. During her thanks Margaret had invited her ladies to make a personal donation to SSBB, should they so wish. The box contained another £120.00!

Thank you to Muxton ladies for your hospitality and your generosity.



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