Heart Warming Story at The TSR!

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Good Evening SSBB Family

Below is a message I received from Mark G whilst regarding the “Santa Special” events at the Telford Steam Railway” over the Christmas period and it just needed to be shared. It may well be the season of good will, but this story goes above and beyond that, and highlights just how generous the people of Shropshire and Staffordshire really are.


As you may have seen we have recently attended the Telford Steam Railway on EVERY single day they were operating their very busy “Santa special” trains throughout the weekends of December. This was an incredibly generous offer but the passengers were just as generous in donating an amazing £174.03 for the blood bikes. This is incredible considering it was the run up to Christmas.

A big thank you also has to go to the volunteers that helped me run the event for the SSBB. These were Gary S for heroically manning the stand on every day bar one, Jonathan H, Helen B and Nigel B for helping with the logistics for the event, both at the start and end and Ben W, Andy and Zoe W, Nigel B (Again, whilst he should have been Christmas shopping for Helen), Chris P and his friend Norman and Martin H who all attended the event (Apologies if I missed anyone but it was difficult to keep track whilst working on the railway as well!)

A massive thank you has to go to TSR volunteers Mark P and Ian L for giving me the idea and permission to organise SSBB’s attendance.  Without all of you the season wouldn’t have been such a success, especially as I was mainly working on the railway.

My personal highlight and what made this Christmas extra special happened just as I was packing away the stand on the second to last day (20th). I had just put the collection tins away for the night when two ladies approached me and inquired if it was too late to donate. Of course I said no, and walked with them so they could donate. On our travels it transpired how service had been used by the NHS to speed up the diagnosis of one of them. Unfortunately I was so humbled that I forgot to get their names, but ladies, thank you for polishing off a fantastic event for me. Its very rare, as a charity, that we get to hear from the patients how useful our service is and its a beautiful reminder of why we provide the service. For some of us there’s a personal reason as to why we volunteer for the blood bikes, but for me personally, its just another excuse to do something we love, to ride and doing something useful with it is just a bonus.

Thank you everybody who helped run the stall, to the TSR staff for being so kind and keeping our volunteers topped up with hot drinks, but most of all, the passengers for taking time to find out what we do and being so generous in donating so much money, as a certain supermarket say, every little helps!

Have a Fantastic 2015 and look out for us on the roads not forgetting to give us a wave!

Mark G



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