Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – What it Means For SSBB

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Good Morning All

Whilst over the Christmas/New Year break, if you get five minutes where you are full of turkey and not sure what to do, why not try and help out all of the Blood Bike groups in the UK by sending a letter to you local MP. The purpose of this letter and what has triggered NABB’s response, is outlined by NABB Chairman, John Stepney, below.

Dear all,

As you may recall, a year or so ago, I attempted to find a  method of reclaiming VAT on Blood Bike activity, that did not breach our basic “free of charge at point of use” ethos, in other words without actually trading with hospitals. Ultimately the initiative was rejected by HMRC on a technical point.

However, those of you that will have read the Chancellor’s autumn statement that was issued recently, would have noticed that the mood has now altered, and the following change has, I believe, set a precedent.

2.80: VAT refunds for search and rescue and air ambulance charities – From April 2015, UK search and rescue and air ambulance charities will be eligible to claim refunds on VAT they have paid on purchases of goods and services for their non-business activities. (Finance Bill 2015) (29) “

Given that this is a very recent change, we may still have the opportunity to influence the Chancellor and persuade him to include our activities in the same amendment, but only if we move fast.

Can I ask all of you to use the attached document (Chancellor’s Autumn Statement Template Letter) as a template (tweak as you see fit) and send it to your local MP, regardless of which party they belong to, so that we bring this to his attention quickly.


John Stepney
(NABB Chairman)


Chancellor's Autumn Statement



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