Lovely People With Big Hearts!

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Good Evening All

Date: Monday November 24th 2014
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Royal Oak Public House, Gnosall
Distance to Travel: ½ mile (Oh, yes!)

Helen and Nigel B, one of our rider and controller couples, were delighted to have been invited to deliver a presentation on SSBB in their very own village!!

It was a Zone meeting for some of the Lions groups and Nigel and Helen, who have spoken at other Lions meetings previously, were introduced as guest speakers for the evening. The audience were a wonderful group of people whose interest and enthusiasm for SSBB is growing and whose generosity towards us is so very much appreciated.

Following a fairly lively discussion and the revelation that some of the bikers support the theory that Nigel sleeps in his leathers and responds to call outs in record time the short presentation was well received!!

What Nigel and Helen were not expecting was Stone Lions President, Don Niven, approaching them at the end of the talk and presenting them with a cheque for £500.00 for SSBB from his own Lions group. They had heard of our work and wanted to support us and then found out that we were both attending the same meeting!! Result!!

SSBB would like to thank all the members of Stone Lions for what is an extremely generous contribution to our cause.

“Lovely people with big hearts”.

Lovely People With Big Hearts


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