A Day in the Life of SSBB!

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Good Morning All

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a volunteer for SSBB? Well Sandy H has written a recent account which might help to explain this, and why our work is so important to the hospitals we serve.


It started as a quiet Monday morning, for duty controller Sandy H, but it was not to last.

The first call came in from the Royal Stoke Hospital around 10am with three packages to be delivered to Heartlands, NBTS and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

Duty rider Chris P was dispatched but, whilst he was en route to collect his mount from the bike shed, a further call from Stoke was received adding another two packages for the Woman’s Hospital and the University Medical School!

Having managed to store everything safely on the bike Chris P headed for Birmingham. As Chris was delivering the last of his packages in and around Birmingham a call was received from Burton QE requiring a package to be collected from NBTS and returned to Burton. Rider Ben W was tasked and set off for Birmingham.

Having collected his package and returned to Burton he was re-tasked by Burton to return to Birmingham to take an urgent sample to NBTS and collect an additional package back to Burton! It was 18:00hrs before he returned home.

Meanwhile Chris P was making his way back to Stoke to drop off the service bike, including a well deserved stop for food, eventually getting home at 16:20hrs.

A previously planned ‘Test Run’ from the Chester Milk Bank to Stoke was undertaken by rider Don W. Before the planned departure the ‘Test’ was made into a ‘Live’ run as Stoke required a litre of milk urgently. An RTC on the A51 required Don to make a cross country detour to get to Chester delaying him by over 30min. Don eventually completed his task at 21:30hrs.

During the above I gratefully handed over to the evening controller, Cath P who completed the job.

3 riders, 2 controllers, 5 journeys, 9 deliveries. Phew! Team work at it’s best!


Delivery Notes


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