SSBB & Friends of PRH: Awareness Day

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Good Evening Everyone

Last week SSBB received a message from Judy Jones of the Friends of PRH, concerning a last minute fundraising/awareness slot that had become available, and asked if we would like to attend.

Steve and Mandy C needed no further incentive and jumped at the chance to represent us. After a lot of texting, emails and a trip to Telford, they were ready for the next day. At this point I hand over to Mandy who describes the day!


At 9am we had set up in the main foyer of the Princess Royal Hospital, with banners, posters and even the mini moto, later we were joined by Chris P, Roy B and Jon H.

People stopped to chat, most not knowing what blood bikes was all about. Even when some said that they didn’t ride bikes, I set the seed of becoming a controller or helping with events and fundraising. Off the back of these discussions, we have a definite controller, a fundraiser and 2 possible riders, which I think its a great result. – We agree Mandy!

The generosity of the general public was amazing and we managed to raise the sum of £141.10, brilliant!  Furthermore, we were approached by hospital staff who wanted to know about blood bikes and took a leaflet to scan and circulate around the departments for others to be aware. They also suggested that blood bikes return for another visit!

We were also approached by a lady who works for ASDA, Telford who was very enthusiastic to book us for a slot to be sited in the entrance of their store with a blood bike. We certainly made an impression while we were all there, as a lady from the main hospital reception came running over saying that she had a man on the phone who wanted to talk to someone about blood bikes, the caller had walked passed us, but not had time to stop and talk, so when he returned home, rang the hospital with an interest to find out more about us, how cool is that!


This just goes to show how important our awareness raising and fundraising events are to our charity. This event not only provided funds to fuel our fleet of motorcycles for a couple of weeks, but also unearthed two if not four, potential volunteers, without which, this charity would not exist! Thank you to Mandy and Steve C for stepping up to the plate at such short notice and representing us so admirably!


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