Who Ate All The Pies?

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Evening All

Is it still raining? We might have had a dry September but we are enduring a wet October! Anyhow, last week several SSBB members attended an event designed to raise precious funds for our charity. Helen B takes on the story!


Stafford Lions chose Stafford Rangers Social Club for the venue of their recent fund raising event on Friday October 10th “The Piemen” related really well to their guests delivering an evening of humerous songs as well as established favourites where the audience were encouraged to participate. And they did!

A very tasty supper of meat and potato pie, mushy peas and gravy was also served! Stafford Lions have made the decision that as SSBB is a charity close to their member’s hearts, this will be the start of their intentions to raise funds for our charity. A staggering £560.00 has been raised so far!

Members Helen B,  Nigel B and Mark H attended on behalf of SSBB. Nigel’s bike “Elsatook pride of place by the stage. (He was reserve rider that evening but no call out fortunately as driving through the entrance and bar area could have been interesting!)

We are so grateful to Stafford Lions for their support and look forward to working with them over future months with their endeavours on our behalf.


Pie Men 1 Pie Men 2 Pie Men 3



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