A Knock on the Door!

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So here is a message I received from Helen B this morning and I felt it just had to be shared!


A normal day in Team Bundy household.

Just before 7pm Nigel had fuelled his Pan and checked his paperwork. He is on duty as a rider for SSBB covering the Telford/Shrewsbury rota.

Helen has signed on as duty controller and awaits a call from a hospital needing the transfer of an urgent sample between hospitals.

All was quiet until there is a knock on the door.

A friend and neighbour, Bill Peacock, hands Helen an envelope which, upon opening, Helen finds a cheque payable to SSBB for £100.00 from the Staffordshire Masonic Charitable Association.

Apparently Bill, an SSBB supporter, had approached them detailing the work that we do and asked them to consider supporting our charity, and as you can see, they have responded in a wonderful way.

 Thank you very much to Bill from all at SSBB and a very BIG thank you to Staffordshire Masonic Charitable Association for their kind and valued gift.

People like yourselves make such a difference to us and allows us to continue with and expand the services we offer to the NHS.


I couldn’t agree more Helen, thank you to all involved!

Staffordshire Freemasons


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