Shropshire Truck Show 2014: The Review One Month On!

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Good Evening Blood Bike Fans

SSBB attended the Shropshire Truck Show on Sunday 7th September. It was a great occasion and Russ B (Our Treasurer) has put together a few words to summarise the day, his first such foray into web-based publication!!!


A dull and slightly autumnal morning dawned across Shropshire as our merry little band headed to the north western end of our patch to the Shropshire Truck Show. The sun came out and so did the crowds and many people, young and old, flocked to the stand to meet and understand more of what we do and how we do it.

The generous crowds raised £181.56 for our charity, an amazing result! The real highlight of the the show besides the vast array of trucks, both vintage and the latest hi tech  ones, some with their impressive air brush paint jobs (The teams  personal favourites being “The Dark Knight and Top Gun” was the Royal Signals White Helmets (@r_signals ) motorcycle display team who’s skill and poise on the Triumphs wowed the crowds.  After their show they took the opportunity to have their pictures taken with us and the the two marked blood  bikes we took to the show.

One of the crowd has also signed up to be a SSBB rider, thus helping to spread the increasing work load as our services increase. So a special thanks the the white helmets and the crowds for all their support.

We also met and chatted to “Big Mick” TV personality off “Toughest place to be a truck driver” and thanks to Embroidered Logos 4 U for the offer of supplying SSBB with embroidered logo’d formal shirts at discounted price and to chromecp for donating a bottle of cleaner and a cloth to get Andy’s bike looking pristine!


Huge thanks to the SSBB Team present on the day which included: Andy W, Zoe W, Jon H, David O and Russ B. As we get towards the end of the festival/event season we are looking for new/innovative ways to continue to raise our profile and funds for the charity. If you have any ideas of how we could do this, please do get in touch with us.

Shropshire Truck Show 1   Shropshire Truck Show 2

Shropshire Truck Show 3   Shropshire Truck Show 5

Shropshire Truck Show 4   Shropshire Truck Show 6


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