Female 77: “In His Element”

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Good Evening All

The long summer days might be beginning to turn into longer autumnal nights, but that has not stopped SSBB getting out in to our communities and continuing to engage with our fellow citizens!

Here is another example of this which tool place last week.


Nigel B, an SSBB rider, accompanied by his wife Helen, an SSBB Controller, recently gave a talk to Female 77 in Newport. Female 77 are a ladies group formed in 1977 originally as a mother and toddler group and the ladies continued to meet on a regular basis and now have a 60 strong membership who meet regularly at Newport Cottage Care Centre.

Nigel and Helen spoke about the background of SSBB and progress so far, about the work we do and how we have expanded our services since the launch of the charity in January this year. They also talked about future expansion plans across the two counties and what we have been doing over the summer months to raise awareness of the charity.

The ladies were genuinely amazed that the service is offered free of charge to the NHS. Nigel, surrounded by 50 ladies, was in his element answering questions about his motorbike and his leathers!!! Two cups of tea and several chocolate biscuits later the lovely ladies presented Helen and Nigel with a cheque for £20 from the club funds and also had a whip round to raise a further cash donation of £49.69.

Thank you ladies for your generosity.


Thank you to Helen and Nigel for attending on our behalf and to Helen again for putting together this short report. We are always looking for opportunities to discuss SSBB with groups of people who may not have heard about us or whom you think might be interested in finding out a little bit more. If you know any such groups, please do get in touch and let us know.


Female77 1   Female77 2


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