Stafford MOD Open Day – “What a Welcome”

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Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

Quite simply, what a Saturday we had at the MOD Stafford Open Day! In terms of shear numbers, it was one of, if not the largest event we have attended all year and already we are beginning to see the benefits of our attendance. Helen B, who was one of a large contingent of SSBB volunteers manning the stand on the day has kindly put together the following report.


What a Welcome….!

If the visitors to the Stafford MOD Open Day on August 30th enjoyed themselves as much as the SSBB team, then they had a great time.

The MOD welcomed SSBB to their event for the first time and our stand was allocated a great position by the main arena. Their assistance and advice regarding this new venture for us was second to none and we thank them for the opportunity to have taken part in what turned out to be a wonderful day for all involved.

Ideal weather conditions and the promise of a good family day out drew the crowds to the military base for their Open Day and Fete.  The 9000 plus guests were treated to numerous superb displays including the amazing Squibb Freestyle Moto X Display Team, PADS Dog Training display, the wonderful MOD Stafford Military Wives Choir and the fantastic JCB Dancing Diggers to name but a few. There were stalls galore to visit. Climbing walls, bungee runs, space hoppers, classic cars, emergency services, laser clay pigeon shooting and paintball, the list was endless. Complemented by charity stalls, a fairground and a variety of “eating” and “drinking” places, there was something for everyone!

On the day, team SSBB consisted of Helen B, Nigel B, Lynne S, Ben W, new member Roger M, Lee C, Paul C and Chris P.  The team were delighted when member Phil S and his son Dan arrived at the stand. First time we had seen him since an accident earlier in the year.

It was just as well we had arranged a “double” presentation stand for this event because we were swamped with visitors. Standing three deep at times for the mini motos photo opportunity and the same for the senior bikes. The Draw a Straw Game, which displayed a tableful of wonderful prizes, was selling tickets right up to the close of day.

What did we achieve from this event??

We raised awareness of SSBB into a wider community.
We received several enquiries regarding membership.
We raised funds for our charity.

What did we learn from this event?

We discovered the power of photographic opportunities for people of all ages. (Look out for Victoria’s picture with our riders!!)
We learned that people loved the chance to win a prize. (See Ethan with his new teddy!!)
The SSBB riders also learned that if they want delicious smelling curry and samosas made by the Ghurkas for lunch, they need to get there early!!

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention that we raised £601.87 for SSBB whilst we were having a good time!!!! Oh, yes!!

Thanks from the team to the visitors. You were amazing and we so enjoyed spending our day with you.


Nothing more need be said!

IMG_2233 IMG_2237 IMG_2240 IMG_2243

IMG_2253 IMG_2255 


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