Liberation 2015

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Evening Folks

Here is something a little different for you on a Thursday lunchtime! We have had a request from our Bike manager, Clive, for some help regarding WWII memorabilia! Can YOU help? Here is his plea below.


May 9th 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Channel Islands following five years of German occupation. Our good friend Robert (You will recall he came to help me test/validate various blood bag designs this summer) has just contacted me and I have been invited to ride one of the WWII motorcycles in the parade!

This is certainly an honour and a privilege, however, is there anyone out there who has or knows where I can get a full WWII dispatch riders uniform (Or parts of) inc. helmet, boots, gloves etc. Preferably to buy remembering a large back then is probably extra small now!


I think the final sentence has more to do with Clive’s “Portly” figure than a change to clothes sizing over the years! 🙂 That said, if you, or someone you know, can help Clive source these items then please do get in touch. There are all the usual ways to do this, comment on this post (Below), a FB Message, Tweet or email, whichever method suits you!

Liberation 2015   Blood Bag Vvalidation


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