A “Bootiful” Day on Stafford Common

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Good Evening Everyone

The last couple of weeks have been a busy time for SSBB. It may be true that the “Eventing Season” is coming to an end, but that hasn’t meant we have started winding down! An example of this was shown this weekend, when Helen & Nigel B as well as Lynne S set off to Stafford Common in a bid to raise our public profile and a few pennies (Pounds!) in the process!

Below are a few words Helen has kindly put together about the day.


Members Lynne S and Nigel &  Helen B had a “Bootiful” day at Stafford Common’s Car Boot sale.

The mega stall was crammed with donations from Gnosall residents and friends and an unbelievable £340 was raised for SSBB. The plan is for the money to fund a satellite navigation (Sat Nav) system for one of the group blood bikes.

We require these items as our “Patch” expands and further services come on board.

Thank you Gnosall for your continued support of this charity.


Another excellent fundraising and awareness raising effort from Helen, Nigel & Lynne. In the middle of a pitch black, cold, winter’s night, when one of our riders has to utilise the sat nav to find a particular location, I am sure she/he and the rest of the team, will be truly grateful for your efforts on Stafford Common this weekend!

SSBB Car Boot Sale


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