It’s Amazing How Generous People Can Be!!!

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Good Evening

SSBB have recently been very fortunate in receiving a number of donations from local groups. The latest of these has come from Gnosall Lions and Helen B collected the cheque this week on our behalf.

Gnosall Lions member Helen B, who is a Controller and Fundraiser for SSBB, recently attended a monthly Lions meeting and took the opportunity of chatting to her fellow Lions about our newly formed Blood Bike charity. They were amazed at the work we undertake and at no charge to the NHS!!!

Helen’s enthusiasm encouraged many questions and much interest. Her fellow Lions decided there and then that SSBB is a charity they would like to support and voted to present us with a cheque for £250.00!

We are genuinely overwhelmed by the gesture of a comparatively small Lions Group. Lions President Pat Hunt presented the cheque to husband and wife SSBB husband and wife volunteers, Helen and Nigel, before their meeting on August 11th.

SSBB thank Gnosall Lions for their support and their generosity as donations like this mean a lot to the charity. We are presently raising money for satellite Navigation systems for the group bikes as we are extending the service to Burton NHS Trust this month and hopefully North Staffs later in the year. In the near future, working with the hospices, we will be needing to attend patient’s homes. It will be essential to attend their homes as quickly as possible and the “sat navs” will help us enormously to make that happen.

Gnosall Lions 1   Gnosall Lions 2


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