Blood Bikes for Sale!

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Good Evening Folks

Our Bike Manager, Clive recently sent me an email informing me that he had some of his bikes up for sale. I was initially very concerned thinking Clive had defected to join the four wheel club! Don’t fear though, he hasn’t! He is simply making room for his next purchase! As a result he has a couple of machines up for sale, the details of which are below. If you are interested, please get in touch with Clive, he will be happy to talk you through them.


I’m selling one/both of my own marked blood bikes, I have got too many bikes and have a few different plans for the future so going to downsize and get rid of of something. (Wife says too many bikes and if I want my GMC353 something has to go!) I also only really need one for my IAM work so may change to a plain unmarked bike.

Most people have seen the bikes, so they know they are all up and running and ready to roll.

I will include most things on the bikes i.e. decals, trays, rear illuminated blood signs etc but will not include any blue lights or sirens,but where there are red lights,they will remain.

Being ex police, a lot of comfort parts are removed,especially in drive train for efficiency. People who have never ridden ex police bikes, don’t be put off by the knocks. You will also find the terrible canbus electrical systems are ripped out and replaced with a proper loom, suspension is uprated and engine management and electrical systems upped as well.

1. BMW R850RT 51 plate, ex MET supervision bike. I’ve just passed the 34k miles on it. Fully serviced inc K&N filter, new seat cover, lots of stainless fittings, electric givi screen. MOT to March 2015, 10mths tax left.Typical BMW Bavarian tractor, about same speed as 1150 but lighter, reliable and economical. Certainly nice for the smaller lighter riders. £2350.

2. BMW K1200RS 54 plate, ex Preston riding school instructors bike. Just passed 54k miles. Fully serviced inc K&N filter. Again loads of stainless parts. Nearly new Michelin tyres (Far better than Bridgestone) MOT to January and loads of tax left as well. What I would say is it needs remapping as instructors bike were always mapped to be faster than trainees bikes, so as it is already a bit of a monster and really needs an experienced handler, It needs toning down a little more for the economy than anything else. Looks the part as a show bike as well.£2600.

Interested parties can email me on my normal : May do a deal for both?



For Sale


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