News from Wem Vehicles of Interest Show: 20th July

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Good Evening All

Sorry this publication is a little late, having just returned from the Commonwealth Games I have been doing my best to catch up with all the news stories that have taken place during my time north of Hadrian’s wall! Anyhow, on such event was the Wem Vehicles of Interest Show. This is a very friendly annual gathering of classic and unusual vehicles and is now in its 5th year and going from strength to strength. The following report ws written by Mandy C who was instrumental in making the day a success frmo a SSBB perspective.


The weather forecast didn’t seem to be very promising, but turned out to be dry, hot and sunny.  Being we were situated by the entrance we had a steady stream of people passing and visiting our blood bike stand, especially children who were drawn in by the mini moto with family in tow. We had quite a few were interested in Blood bikes,  more importantly, some who showed an interest as riders or controllers. Steve C & Nigel B, rode blood bikes, 2nd in the procession through the town.

There was a competition of “Best vehicles of interest” in the show and blood bikes came 4th, which was amazing considering the vintage and other vehicles which were there! We may not have raised quite as much as money as we would have liked, £48.41, but we certainly raised awareness, as quite a few showed an interest in joining.

Many thanks to Nigel for bringing his marked blood bike, but also to Helen B, Roy B, Ian & Shirley B, for helping Steve C and myself at this event.


I think we all agree that our new gazebo and banner stand are looking superb and well done to the team on the day for all your hard work. We often overlook the raising of public awareness, but this is as important as raising funds and it is great to hear that we may have potentially a number of new volunteers as a result!

 Wem VoI 2   Wem VoI 3   Wem VoI 1

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